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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

After a sandy excursion at the reservoir near our home today, a colossal amount of sand found its way from the lake, to the crevices of my children's diapers, shoes, and leg rolls, and was then dumped all over my living room floor.

So after the girls were groomed to a level of my satisfaction, I retrieved the vacuum from the front hall closet.

I went about my business plugging in the vacuum and cleaning the entryway.  Then I turned back towards the living room and saw that Big Sister had laid down right next to Little Sister and was reading her a book.

I powered down the vacuum and inched closer to enjoy the story as well.  Charlie was jabbering away and would roll to her side so she could lay the book down and turn the page.  Then she'd roll back over and hold the book up so Julia could see the next page.

My mama heart was a big gooey mess.

Charlie stood up to retrieve another book.  In her efforts to plop down close to Julia once again, I watched as half of Charlie's bum landed on half of Julia's face.  Then smeared slowly down, stretching Julia's cheek like puddy, until her bum finally reached ground

And then reading time resumed.

Onward and upward,

Just a small tangent

I've been in a cleaning out phase lately.  Excessively.

My husband should not be surprised if he comes home one evening to a house with no items remaining, the babies stripped down to diapers, and we are eating with our fingers off the floor.

Actually, my cleaning out is not that bad.

And really, two out of those three things are true anyways.

Recently, I decided to sell an old bottle of perfume.  Juicy Couture.  Doesn't that sound fancy?  Yeah, well, it is.  Too fancy for my liking in fact.  The scent immediately makes me think of a woman with a thick black fringe, a bob cut, big round sunglasses, and a furry dead raccoon around her neck.

And let me paint you a stark comparison.  I'm a greasy-haired, ponytail, no makeup, young mother who eats food off the floor, as previously noted.  So, I am in no way personified with the way this smell smells.  An appropriate perfume is already delicately made for me from my own bosoms, sucked into the mouth of a little babe, and then regurgitated onto my neck.  It's eco friendly.

So anyway, I posted the aforementioned perfume onto the Facebook Marketplace.  Which is my way of shopping - take my crap, and I'll take yours.

Anyway, I had quite a bit of interest right off the bat.  I'd like to share with you my exchange with one particular buyer.  We will call her Anna.

Anna:  Is this available?

C:  Yes.  Though I have other interest, so whoever is able to pick up first.

Anna:  I'd love to purchase it ASAP.

Anna:  I have the money in my bank account.

Anna:  How far away is [... the city where I live ...]

C:  About 35 minutes.

Anna:  That's not as far as I thought.

Anna:  That's cool.

Anna:  What religion are you?



C:  I'm Mormon.

Anna: On Dec 28, 1998, I was in a car accident and car accident and spent 6 wk's in a comma and met the savior and he told me the church was true and gave me the choice to stay with him or finish my test.  [I'm preserving the exact text in the messages]

C:  Wow, what a beautiful experience.  I bet that has blessed your life and others' lives in many ways.

Anna:  It's changed my life completely,  I went from dancing, acting and was in one magazine to front row parking for life is awesome lol.

Anna:  I love everyone and have a much better look in life.

C:  That's amazing.



C:  Were you still interested in buying the perfume?

Anna:  Yes.

Ya know, just a small tangent.  Sharing some day-to-day stories.

Our buyer friend did not follow through on her interest.  But speaking of fur wrapped around ones neck, I do believe I found another someone that may be interested in the high-end scent:

Nevermind that it was over 100 degrees outside, our sweet Charlie wanted her fleece blanket scarf on our walk.

Onward and upward,

Oh the faces we make | Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

I know today is Father's Day, so there should be lots of talk towards Ryan and my own dad.  But I sort of accelerated Father's Day onto a random Thursday afternoon two weeks ago.  Ryan's Father's Day gift came in the mail, and I came through the front door and told Ryan to close his eyes while I ran to our bedroom to hide it.  

And in those five seconds of moving from one side of my house to the other, I was overcome with too much excitement and instead called Ryan into the room to open his Father's Day gift.  Yes, I called him over to me.  And I let the shipping package be the wrapping.  I am very patient and wonderful with surprises.

As for my dad, I called him today and wished him a happy Father's Day, and then proceeded to tell him that I have not yet mailed his present... actually I haven't even purchased it yet.  But I know what it is, and I intend to buy and ship it shortly.  So in that way, I guess I'm not only impatient and hasty, I'm also very lazy and tired.

So I prepared Ryan another gift for today ---  a collection of highlight moments of his two favorite sweethearts.  

(Look at Julia)

But, at the end of the day, where do these girls get their faces from....

.... like mother, like daughter.

Totally kidding, Ryan.  You are due your fair share of credit..

But really, you are an amaaaaazzzzing father!  So kind, patient, sensitive, and sweet.  I enjoy raising these girls with you, and I love that we agree so much on how we want to teach them and do life with them.  I love you.

And now, I leave with you two images of how the girls really feel to have you as their daddy.

Onward and upward,

A Week in Our Home

Sunday, June 3, 2018

How about a view of some simple moments in our home?

We'll start with a daily moment of Charlie and Jules.
(I'm getting the nicknames going around here)

While one sweet girl rests, I have the other one helping me around the house.  She cooks her breakfast, puts it in a bowl and walks it to her tray, then later cleans the tray, wipes the floor, and helps do all the dishes and push the jingly buttons to start the dishwasher.    She helps me sort and load laundry, make the beds, and tidy the house.  Quite the helper, I'd say!

On an afternoon walk with Charlie, this was my view directly above and directly below.  Happiness.

On another afternoon walk, I asked Charlie to say "cheese" for a picture.  So, she climbed off her bike, squatted down and said, "CHEEESE!!!", then hopped back on her bike.
Well okay then.

Ryan and I are obsessed with Julia's profile.  Chubby cheeks and the most darling button nose and rosebud lips.

Now there's a man who'll watch evening TV with me in blue-light blocking glasses.
(Nonetheless, he even watched The Bachelorette with me.... ha!)
Most other nights, you'll find us watching basketball.  We recently found this as a mutually loved past-time!

Charlie waits at the window for "dada" to come home from work. 
She stands here yelling his name and knocking on the window for as long as it takes.

The handsome man in our new car!  He caught Charlie and I on our afternoon walk. 
(Our new car is RAD!  What wasn't so rad... the transmission on my previous car going out on the freeway.  No bueno).

The sweetest girls.  My heart is so so so happy as a mom.  

And of course, back to the land of our chickens.

Jonny was always the favorite chicken to the little boy who named her.  Perhaps because Jonny is the only white chicken of the bunch.  Well, I do believe that Jonny also believes she is the most favored one.  See here---

Jonny: "Do as I say minions!  Baawwk baaawk!"  while the other chickens stand in hold.

Jonny: "Oh, my face suddenly itches!!"  and the chickens all go for the nearest escape route.

See how she lost power there?
Now we know.  She's superior.  
And also, never interrupt a reprimand to scratch your face with your foot.

And there you have it.

Onward and upward,

Joy in the Wind
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